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This section contains a brief description of the services provided by ALPHA SOFTWARE. If you want more information, contact us or ask additional questions through the Contacts section. Please note that a personal meeting and direct examination of your problem will allow the specialist to more accurately and objectively assess the situation and give really useful recommendations on how to solve the problem.

IT infrastructure audit

In order to assess the need for changes and improvements in the IT infrastructure, we conduct a comprehensive audit of your IT service. This task takes place in several stages and covers a wide range of IT department functionality.

Analysis of the current state of affairs: identifying factors negatively affecting quality and costs, selecting the optimal strategy for improving the quality of corporate IT and reducing costs.

Designing an effective corporate IT infrastructure, creating a new or modernizing an existing one: selecting solutions that will cover both current and future business needs, planning for the implementation of the functionality embedded in them, taking into account the company's characteristics infrastructure documentation, user instructions.

Assessment of competencies of current specialists, assistance in building interaction with them or selecting new personnel: assistance in assessing the competencies of technical specialists and organizing effective interaction with them taking into account individual and professional features, and in case of non-compliance of full-time specialists with the position held or remuneration to assist in the selection of new employees that meet the needs of the business.

IT budgeting and investment planning: assessing the adequacy of existing operating expenses, analyzing the current state of equipment and software, assessing operational risks, calculating the necessary investments in updating and developing information systems; implementation of transparency, controllability, predictability of costs for the maintenance of IT infrastructure in the company.

Strengthening an existing IT department or transferring functions to outsourcing: strengthening weaknesses in IT departments, transferring some tasks or functions to outsourcing; Regardless of the form of cooperation, we promptly respond to any questions immediately and in case of emergency situations we ensure the restoration of the operation of information systems within 24 hours.

Information Security Audit: orgzation of independent verification and expert assessment of the security of an enterprise information system based on specially developed criteria and indicators.

Software implementation

ALPHA SOFTWARE provides a full range of works according to the wishes of the Customer, ranging from installation, adaptation and adjustment of software to integration with devices and transfer to operation. Qualitatively implement implementation of both proprietary software and third-party software . The time and cost of the work package depends on a variety of factors and performance criteria specified by the Customer or necessary for stability, such as:

• readiness of the company's staff to switch to new software or its development;
• availability of hardware required for execution;
• features of the work;
• the scale of the proposed actions;
• database status at the moment, availability of backup copies;
• availability and operability of communication channels.

A complete list of works and services is prepared individually after an audit of the IT infrastructure and an assessment of the scope of implementation.

Software development

We use a unified language in modeling and system design
In software development, we use a well-known platform from Microsoft
Code generation is done in an integrated environment with great adaptability
One of the main used by us in the development of general purpose languages
One of the most optimal programming languages from Microsoft today
High-level, general-purpose language, with fast integration and scalability


Our primary language for structuring and presenting web development
The main general purpose scripting language intensively used for web development
Universal scripting language for interactive web pages and sources


A language for describing the appearance of a document written using a markup language
Work with raster images is carried out in a popular graphic editor
Vector graphics are developed using the Corel graphics package

Optimization and promotion

A set of measures for internal and external optimization to raise the position of the web resource when searching
Building a marketing strategy when working with Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords
The complex of measures for the use of social media as channels for promotion

Consulting in the field of Information Technologies

Consulting in the field of information technology ALPHA SOFTWARE is carried out in the following areas:

• advising owners, managers, business leaders on issues in the field of information technology and their effective use;
• answers to all questions of interest in the field of computer and Internet technologies;
• identifying shortcomings and vulnerabilities of the company in the field of information technology;
• audit of the company's IT sphere on efficiency, cost effectiveness, safety;
• determining the need to introduce new information technologies;
• advice to companies on the automation of business processes;
• consultations in the choice of software and computer equipment, as well as its implementation.

Consultations of ALPHA SOFTWARE specialists will help you:

• reduce the cost of implementing information technology;
• provide professional and comprehensive support to the company in the field of information technology;
• improve the efficiency of the organization’s computer base;
• increase the efficiency of business processes;
• exercise effective control and management of the company's IT resources;
• optimize the cost of implementing IT solutions in the company;
• implement the necessary enterprise management systems.

The complex procedure of IT consulting consists of:

• Analysis of the current state of the company's IT infrastructure (servers, personal computers, local network, telephony, office equipment).
• Making recommendations to reduce support and maintenance costs.
• Optimize software costs.
• Identify opportunities to use free software.
• Studying the level of knowledge of the skills of the company's personnel in the field of information technology and recommendations for its additional training.
• Company site audit.
• Recommendations for automating and improving the efficiency of business processes.

IT services outsourcing

Outsourcing IT allows small and medium-sized businesses not to inflate the IT budget with non-core functions and solve complex problems with the help of external expertise. ALPHA SOFTWARE services help to improve the quality and speed of implementation of IT processes. Effective IT infrastructure management, maintaining all of its components in up-to-date and operational status require that a full-fledged service of high-class IT specialists is available on the staff. For many companies, this becomes a source of high costs - from the need to provide a workplace to fixed costs for advanced training.

The alternative is to give typical functions to an outsourcing, reduce costs to an easily predictable level, which is calculated from the actual services consumed.

Information Security

Comprehensive audit of information security allows an objective assessment of the current state of information security of the company, as well as its adequacy to the goals and objectives of the business to increase the efficiency and profitability of economic activity. We implement a systematic process of obtaining objective qualitative and quantitative assessments of the current status of the company's information security in accordance with certain criteria and safety indicators. Using our service you will receive:

• description and assessment of the current level of information system security;
• analysis of risks associated with the possibility of internal and external threats to the resources of the information system;
• making a model of a potential intruder;
• recommendations on the technical, organizational component of information security (eliminating vulnerabilities in code, developing information security policies);
• maximum return on investments in information security systems;
• confirmation that the internal controls used are consistent with the organization’s objectives and allow for efficiency and business continuity;
• justification of investments in information security systems.

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